Antonio Gaudi

is one of all time heros. He was a Spanish architech in the early 1900’s and was just brilliant. His buildings were colorful, sculptural and imaginative. Not only that, his ideas extended to furniture design, and many other details layered inside and out of his creations. I’ve written multiple papers on the man and own one hefty book, so needless to say, I could say a lot about him. But really what i wanted to say today was that i finished a painting that I began brainstorming quite some time ago. Inspired by my brother (Oliver Percival, young artist and creative visionary), and also by my great love, Gaudi. Here is the portrait of G. that I completed last week. I’m quite proud, espcially since i don’t normally consider myself a painter or drawer.

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One Response to Antonio Gaudi

  1. nicotineandmint says:

    i though I was your great love?! anyways, it’s pretty great and i love the juxtaposition of your piece and his.

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