a day off!

I’ve been struggling lately with a deep desire to blog regularly and maintain some sort of regular flow of creativity coming. i feel like i’ve been having lots of ideas lately too, and instead of just instantly producing something fabulous, they have been trickling out of me slowly in strange ways. this should really not be any sort of surprise, but it’s hard not to frustrate myself. anyways, i took today off of work and have finally had enough consecutive daylight hours to work through some ideas and share them!

these are two images that I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from lately in my drawings:eucalyptus1          eucalyptus2

the pods (or fruit) of the eucalyptus are endearing, tiny, sweet and mysterious to me. As i have begun drawing them in my sketch book they loose their relationship to the tree and stand on their own, on tall stalks in a field or perhaps under the sea, in tight clusters or singularly:

pod sketch page

as my obsession for these forms grow, my mother’s birthday is soon approaching, so i will share these new creatures with her too:


pod card

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