I recently heard from someone I graduated undergrad with. It was really nice to hear from this person, and it brought back a lot of memories and has actually made me a little emotional. It’s been almost two years since graduating AND hearing from my friend. Living in the “real world” is hard, scary, fun, and it goes by FAST. So thinking about school has made me evaluate my current place in life. All in all, I’m really glad to report that I’m feeling really good about where I am. I have a job I usually enjoy (i even enjoy my co-workers), I have a fabulous girlfriend, a clean apartment. I’m also in the process of begining my own business with a woman I think is wonderful, and I’ve been feeling constantly inspired in my new home in California ( I just moved here a year and a half ago). This is not to say that life is rosey everyday all the time… but in the general scheme of things, I’m really proud. 

Earlier this week I cleaned up my (shared) studio space and got REALLY picture happy, so here some shots of my newly improved work area and it’s scenery:

(the wall above my desk)

(my alter for loved one’s passed)

(the top of my bookshelf: boxes filled with treasures)

(Hi there! Me in my habitat)


By the way: my brother took 1st place in his school exhibition! I’m so proud!!!


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