Visiting Home

Last week I went back to Maine to visit my family and friends. I had a really great time with my mom and brother, my grandmother (Gramma), and also old friends. I have a lot of photos I want to share, but I’m forcing myself to draw it out over more than 1 post. Here are some photos just around my mom’s house mostly. She’s had a lot of work done lately (painting, landscaping, ect), and I had fun helping with organization, art placement (YAY!), and photographing of corse).

grass growing in my mom’s backyard

a gargoyle my brother made, guarding the garage

top of my mom’s dresser: an old portrait of her, an illustration of my brother’s and a Roseville vase turned lamp (my mom collects these)

tea kettle self portrait

drawer pull from an antique dresser my mom inherited

Mr. Murphy P. Wigglepants, one of my mom’s basset hounds (really his name is just murphy, but i prefer longer names)

and finally: my brother (wearing super dorky glasses) with his girlfriend (making a very silly face). this is the first girlfriend I’ve approved of (like that means anything) in almost 2 years- YEAH!



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