my brother’s apartment

when i was in maine last week visiting my family, i stayed with my brother for a night of debauchery and fun. i’ve shared some of his illustrations here before, and now i have some some shots of his desk (and a few sneaky shots of some new pictures).

i’ve been really interested lately in seeing other people’s work spaces. my business partner and i have been struggling to be organized but also needing to have materials sprawled around us for inspiration. i like how my brother’s work space is covered with bits and pieces of in-progress work, finished work and new materials.

i really like the way he’s introducing color to his characters. here is another piece of sculpture he made from this past year at school:

i think it’s a table (?)

(detail of the top)

I miss my brother a lot. He just completed his second year at Maine College of Art (where i also graduated from). it’s been so hard living so far from home. i constantly feel like i’m missing so much of a really important time for my brother.


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