my mind has been overwhelmed with little art projects this past week. i’ve had a lot of things on my plate in terms of gearing up for some new jewelry business ventures, and i’m really excited about it! also, since my lady and i moved into our new home in berkeley, i’ve been doing nothing but decorate and sketch and cut paper and paint. here’s what i spent part of this past week / weekend working on:

it’s what i’m calling a jewelry shadow box. all you need to do is cut some cork to size, glue the cork in to the bottom of a shallow wooden box, and paint as desired. i chose a lavender color to coordinate with my room colors. i think i’m going to paint the outer sides and the front lip a dark brown to better match the picture frames this box is currently paired with:

the fun thing about this jewelry shadow box is that there are just push-pins to hold the jewelry in place, so you can change up the arrangements and groupings of jewelry whenever you feel like it. i’ve been trying to experiment with new jewelry display/storage for my own personal collection. i’ve always had a big ugly wooden box that was cumbersome and a total eye sore. i had a lot of fun working on this project and totally recommend it as an easy and fast way to celebrate great jewelry.


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