I want this:

I’ve been on a serious magazine kick lately (my favorites have been ReadyMade and Domino). These are mostly diy, crafty (ReadyMade) or home decor (Domino) sort of magazines, and since I’m still trying to figure out how to make my new apartment my home, I’m totally excited about decorating and making stuff. Anyways, I found this adorable candle holder (i guess?) on the Domino website (yes. i read the magazine and then check their website too). It’s from urban outfitters, which i usually find to be too expensive for my current budget, but amazingly, it’s only $10! At that price you wouldn’t have to feel bad about spray painting it some other fabulous color. I’m totally in love.

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One Response to I want this:

  1. me says:

    wez! i tried to buy this for you but it’s sold out! boo!

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