interior treats!

I’ve been living in my new apartment for about 2 months now. It feels like home, though there is still much work to do- lots of art to finally hang, the bathroom to paint, and a new curtain idea for the bedroom… not to mention a load of other projects I’m dying to make for the place!

Along the same lines, my friend Tay emailed this link to me a while ago, and i really love the idea:





I love how all those old (and yucky?) plates have been transformed into a study of pattern, color and composition (art nerd?). I think one of my favorite things about the arrangement is how each plate is different- some with scalloped egdes, some with no frilly details at all. I love when large pieces (or in this case, installations) have small moments within itself that allow you savor all the details and differences.

(This project came from Apartment Therapy.)

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