it doesn’t always work out

when i get really overexcited, i tend to forget the lessons of my teachers, and i skip a typically important step: making models. 

so i had this idea for what i was calling the “inside out ring”. let me illustrate:


1: i make a ring



2: i cut it into 4 equal parts.



3: Turn the pieces inside out!

I knew that the once turned inside-out, the ring would instantly fit a much smaller finger than the initial ring. I compensated for this. I made it up. It would still be too small for any of my fingers. 

Also, what was i thinking make the first attempt out of such incredibly thick gauge wire??? I honestly don’t know. I got carried away. I just wanted to solder.

Anyways, as i’m getting back into the practice of making things at the bench, i am remembering to document my ideas, and the outcomes and progressions. Hopefully i’ll be able to catch some happy accidents and avoid future disasters!

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