Knit-One-One Craft Sale

Today’s craft sale at Knit-One-One was wonderful! I met lots of great people and had a lot of fun.



I love how the silver pops against the turquoise cards and dark cork. Coming up with the display on a short notice was challenging and fun, but there’s a lot of things I already want to do differently. 

Well, I hope to have a relaxing long weekend, and hope you do too!


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One Response to Knit-One-One Craft Sale

  1. taylored says:

    Yay Emmerly! I am so very proud of you. What a wonderful accomplishment! Today I was thinking about where you were two and a half years ago… and just how far you have come in making your dream a reality. I remember talking on the porcheh when you were just hired at Nina’s about how you were plantin’ your roots. Now, it’s like, only a short time later, you are bloomin’!!!! How stellar!

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