This evening I stumbled upon a miracle! Tiny leaves had begun to sprout in my hanging fruit/veggie basket. A lonely little potato has been waiting so long to be transformed into dinner, that it began to imagine its own new beginning:


How spectacular! I’ve never seen such a glorious potato in my own kitchen. It’s bright purple stalks and veiny leaves are such a sight to behold.


Look how brightly the purple veins contrast against the green leaf. I just love it. How incredible that this little fellow, impatiently sitting in my kitchen, was so sick of sitting still, he decided to sprout a forest of purple and green. 

The flowers I bought at the farmer’s market last weekend might be dead, but who needs them when I have this little guy?

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One Response to Sprouts!

  1. me says:

    you are so cute i cant friggin stand it!

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