New Ideas

It’s Monday again, and I’ve decided I’m going to try to change my attitude about this day of the week. Mondays are just the gate way into the week, and my many goals are soon to be crossed off the list now that Monday has begun. 

Whatever. I’m still bummed the weekend is over.

But I did get some new ides going this weekend. I bought some gold vermeil beads with sort-of-large holes that I want to try to incorporate into a design


Aren’t they pretty! Satin finish gold is so yummy. I think they could be little protons or neutrons or something….


Lately I’ve begun making more post earrings, which I thought was a strange impulse, since I personally don’t really wear post earrings often. But I guess it’s just because I don’t have many post earrings that I like. I’ll soon be fixing that though! Here’s a little peek at some amoeba studs I’ve started with:


They haven’t been polished in the picture, so please, pardon. I’ll share more in-progress pieces as the week goes on.

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One Response to New Ideas

  1. Elizabeth says:

    ooh, love the earrings

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