Writing an Artist Statement / Bio


If you’ve ever been in a position where you’re required to provide an artist statement or artist bio, I’m sure you’re familiar with the resulting feelings of stress or anxiety. I was asked to provide an artist bio for the MOCFA museum store last month when I dropped off my first batch of jewelry. I was slightly caught off guard, as I hadn’t written like that for quite some time. I went to art school, so I knew all about the importance of being able to express my ideas or point of view with words, as well as with my art. But in the real world after school, there haven’t been many moments where a visual artist / craft person needs to exercise their written skills.

First, I debated with friends over the difference between an artist statement and an artist bio. The clear difference being that the statement is about the work, and the bio is about the artist. I decided to get comfortable with my assignment by starting with a hybrid version: I’d write about myself and my work.

Getting started didn’t take much time, since my jewelry is divided up into four lines, all of which have clear inspirations: Leaves, Lichen, Spores and Cells. I like the idea of exploration and discovery, so I played with ways to tie these elements from my work to some personal information (it’s supposed to be a bio, after all). It took a while, but here’s the final version:


Large Petri Dish Earrings

Large Petri Dish Earrings

My Final Statement:

My interest in the rhythmic forms of nature began when I was a little girl growing up in coastal Maine. Exploring ocean shores and dense pine forests revealed a world full of tiny living creatures and plants that I later learned could be easily overlooked by an untrained eye. My current body of work speaks to the journey of examination, beginning at the surface of an enchanting botanical form and transitioning to the more illusive and unseen inner world of cellular formations and microcosmic structures. I enjoy examining nature and infusing it with my own fanciful and imaginative interpretations to make curious and compelling jewelry.


Large Leaf Frame Necklace

Large Leaf Frame Necklace


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