Congratulations are in order! (and so is a party)

2 of my most wonderful friends have recently been joined in harmonious marriage. Their ceremony was small, filled with their closest family. So my sweetie and I threw a “friends” party to congratulate them. 

This party was the only party I have ever really spent a great deal of time and resources on, and I couldn’t have been more pleased.


I’ve seen these types of banners before, so I was really excited to try my had at it for the occasion. I used some cute floral fabric cut into triangles (cut with pinking shears, edges left raw), spelled out my message with iron-on letters from the craft store, and then affixed the little flags to a long length of ribbon. Voila! Though you can’t really see in this picture, I also added little butterfly pins in a few spots. Cute!


I also made a huge center-piece with long branches of curly willow (I had been eyeing it for weeks), cat tails (my sweetie’s idea!) and dried “money plant” branches (little silvery-papery coins). The vase was weighted down with tumbled stones and filled up with dried moss. This was also adorned with sweet little butterfly pins.


Top it all off with good friends and good food (including these delectable dark chocolate cupcakes made Anna), and we all had a lovely time. Thank you everyone who helped celebrate!


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