The Importance of Play


I was working on making some earrings this weekend:


Lichen Sprout Earrings. Sterling Silver.
Lichen Sprout Earrings. Sterling Silver.

and as I was making all the tiny little “sprout” pieces, I noticed how sweet they looked piling up on my desk… I pushed a few of them around and started to think….


"sprout" production leads to new ideas....
“sprout” production leads to new ideas….

These little guys make such sweet little branchy designs. I quickly soldered a few pieces together:


new prototype
new prototype

 This first prototype is basically like a sketch. Though I tend to draw out a lot of my ideas in my sketch book, sometimes playing around with scraps and left over bits of wire is much more fruitful. These little sketches are an integral part of designing. Before I had soldered these babies together, I though they’d be hook / dangle style earrings. An accident with the torch resulted in the very top of the earring to ball up, so I embraced the accident and realized that it was the perfect spot for a ear post.

I’ve completed another variation of these earrings that is much more successful (I’ll share pictures as soon as they’re ready!). I’m really excited about them. But more importantly, I’m glad I allowed myself to take the time to play around at my bench. Though I was trying really hard to get some serious work done, even just a few moments of playing opened up lots of new ideas. 

Also, here’s another pair of earrings I recently finished:


Lichen Sprout Earrings. Sterling Silver and Garnet.

Lichen Sprout Earrings. Sterling Silver and Garnet.

They’re my new favorite and look so beautiful on. I’m becoming obsessed with these little sprout forms – I want to cover everything with them!






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