Modern Mouse in Alameda!

I’m super excited to share that I just dropped off a bunch of jewelry at a new store in Alameda, called Modern Mouse! The store won’t be open until November 9th, but it’ll be worth the wait, because the wares are bound to excite and impress. Here’s a peek at some of the pieces I’ll have there:

Petri Dish Earrings, Sterling Silver

Petri Dish Earrings

Cell Stem Earrings, Sterling Silver, Emily P-S

Cell Stem Earrings, Sterling Silver

Cell Formation Necklace, Sterling Silver, Emily P-S

Cell Formation Necklace, Sterling Silver

You should definitely check Modern Mouse out if you’re in the bay area. You can go to the website (link above) to see a lot of the other artists that will have goods for sale there. I can’t wait for the grand opening on Saturday, November 14th (from 2 to 6pm!).


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