An approaching Birthday!

My 26th birthday is merely a few weeks away… and I am preparing for it with increasing anxiety. I was thinking about how strange this is for me, since I wasn’t too upset about turning 25 (like many of my peers), and I generally don’t get too “scared” by the prospect of getting older in general (I hear that your 30s rock!). So I decided to pay some attention to my anxiety about 26.

It’s truly not the aging that scares me, rather, it’s the fact that every year you are alive, the next year passes by even faster than the last one. I feel like this has become glaringly apparent, especially since graduating from college. I remember in grade school when a year would pass like an eternity. As I’ve begun to notice the years passing faster and faster, I’ve started to think about what exactly I’m doing in each short little year. Each year and even month has begun to be a valuable unit of time. Not just valuable either, but invaluable.

I always believed that I had plenty of time to do what ever it was I could dream of (thanks Mom). But as 26 approaches more and more rapidly, I think, “Shit, I’ve got to get to work!”

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