A new collection of handmade jewelry!

I’m excited to share a new collection of hand made jewelry that I’m beginning to sell in my etsy shop:

The Golden Halo Necklace

My wrapped wire collection employs the technique of wrapping as a compulsion to protect and make precious. The wrapping technique that I use is labor intensive and meditative and raises even the most simple of gem stones or shapes to a precious and talismanic state.

Halo Dagger Earrings in Sterling Silver with Kyanite

As with most of my jewelry explorations, I start making jewelry, realize the beginning of my concept, make more jewelry, and then realize that I need to do a bit more research about my concept so that I can make better jewelry.

So, I’m planning on beginning some of that research now in hopes of evolving this incredibly meditative process. I’ll be sure to share as this evolves!

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2 Responses to A new collection of handmade jewelry!

  1. TINA says:

    your work beautiful. It intriques me how you do the wire work especially so neatly around in a circle etc.

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