New projects and first tries

Last weekend I spent some more time working on my talisman collection:

Talisman Collection pendants

I also got to work a little on an idea I’ve had brewing in my head for a while:

wood and gold leaf pendant

This is not a stellar picture, but I gold leaf-ed the holes I drilled into the wood…. I didn’t really have any good ideas for technique, and I also wasn’t able to pick up any of the gold leaf sealer to put on it. I’m planning on experimenting with different sized holes. The idea was that these were inspired by accumulating cells or organisms, but after seeing this first attempt, I think it would be really cool to map out constellations too.


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4 Responses to New projects and first tries

  1. TINA says:

    I love your pendants. they are so beautiful and the wire work so perfect. So artistic so very nice.I would love to learn how you accomplish such smoothness. PS I live way downunder in Australia.

  2. taytay says:

    you should DEF map out constellations!!! that would be a-mazing! they would sell like hot cakes for suresies!

  3. I love these pendants. I love the one you and Lindsay offered me for my “going away”. I will treasure it forever. Your craftsmanship is amazing!

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