City Populations of my Homes

I’ve lived in a few different places. Portland, ME for 22 years. Oakland, CA for 2 years. Berkeley, CA for 1 year. El Cerrito for 6 months (and counting). I was curious about the respective populations for these places that I have made homes in:

Population of Portland, Maine: 64,000

Oakland, CA population: 404,000

Berkeley, CA population: 101,000

(Alameda County population: 1,474,368)

El Cerrito, CA population: 23,000

(These populations are all from census information from the last few years).

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2 Responses to City Populations of my Homes

  1. taytay says:

    why were you curious about dis?

    • missps says:

      I guess I was curious because I know how big the bay area feels (and how small Portland felt), but I was just wondering about the actual numbers. Actually, grocery shopping makes me most curious about it ( I get so stressed out with all those other shoppers in my way!!!).
      Linz thought it was strange to be curious about this too… I don’t know why you wouldn’t wonder.

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