Renting an artist studio soon!

So I’m currently in the research phase for renting an artist studio! I’m so ecstatic because I’ve been without my torch since December, and not making jewelry is not good for me. I have my sights set on the Active Space building in Berkeley…

I can’t wait to have a studio again. It’s got me thinking about developing my jewelry style and personality more. I want to zero in on my style. It’s overwhelming sometimes to think about all the things I could make. I get lost in all the possibilities and try to make every thing.

When I was in high school, my art teacher would make us do 20 drawings before she would let us start on a piece of jewelry. In college we weren’t restricted in quite the same way. However, I think it might benefit me to institute more drawings, sketches and planning.

Part of what excites me so much about having my jewelry studio is having a completely dedicated space. I can tack paper on the walls to sketch on. I can paint. I can work out display ideas. I can have sample sales and open studios. I can hammer and not upset my neighbors.

Also, one of the really heart breaking things about loosing my studio back in December was that I was just beginning to develop some really exciting pieces and ideas. I’m ready to get going again. I just can’t wait!


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