Decorating on the brain

I’m starting feel a little obsessed with home decorating lately. This is a little funny because I haven’t done any actual decorating in my home lately. One of my best pals has been looking for a new place, and Linz and I have been doing drive-by’s of different neighborhoods and going to a lot of apartment viewings with our bestie. It’s brought back all those exciting feelings of setting up a new home and starting fresh. Here are a few of my most recent loves:

I love the bright turquoise color (do I sound like a broken record), but I also really love the abstract bird images on the top part of the walls. I admire the calm and mostly neutral color palette too. Looks like the perfect spot to read a book or have coffee with friends. (found here)

the color palette here is a little different than what I’m usually attracted to, but I just love the branch wall hooks. Maybe I can get my little brother to make some for me….

Now, I’m really not one to go crazy with pink, but I can’t resist feeling inspired by this bright, cheerful and bold little kitchen.

Since we’re on the topic of pink now, I thought I’d share this lovely living room with lots of color and an eclectic style.

I read some great blogging tips over at a beautiful mess, and I’m feeling a little more motivated about things, so stayed tuned!


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One Response to Decorating on the brain

  1. lk says:

    I want those branch wall hooks!!!!

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