Decorating Dreams : Chalk Board Paint

Now that I’m all moved into my studio, I’m lingering in debate over the finishing details. My current decorating obsession is chalk board paint. While I’m figuring out how to integrate some into my studio, here are some uses I’m loving:

I love this idea of a message board in place of a mirror – so sweet!

There is a lot about this space that I like, but I love the chalk board wall at the desk.

I love the chalk board wall in this kitchen, and how the whole room keeps the black and white color scheme simple.

I love the chalk board paint on this globe! A much more unique application, and now I really want a globe.

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5 Responses to Decorating Dreams : Chalk Board Paint

  1. Lizzy says:

    I have a chalkboard in my new place and I love it! Love all those photos too, except I love globes so much I don’t know that I’d be able to paint over one.

    A friend of mine had magnetic paint over her desk once and that was super neato. Can’t wait to see pictures of the studio!

  2. Chalkboard paint is awesome. It comes in spray paint too which goes on even better for stuff like the globe. If you do the magnetic paint, make sure you have the store mix it for you and then use it right away.

    DO NOT EVER!!!! Use the whiteboard paint. That stuff is pure crap. OMG. It never cured properly, wasn’t cheap, cracked and yellowed with age and ruined my table. We had to use a heat gun to strip it all off, sand down the table and then refinish it. Total nightmare.

    • missps says:

      Bummer about the whiteboard paint! Glad to know about the chalkboard spray paint though…. the possibilities keep growing! By the way Amanda, thanks for coming by my blog! I really enjoyed reading through yours 🙂

  3. HalleySuzy says:

    Chalkboard paint is so fun! I love the different places it was incorporated in the pictures you wrote about on your blog. The chalkboard instead of a mirror is a really cute idea! Not only for a mirror, but also for a teenage girl’s room for a daily inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

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