The Bone Room

Over the past weekend I made a long awaited trip to The Bone Room in Berkeley. Their hours don’t really compliment my schedule most of the time, but I made a point of going on Saturday. I scored a small (naturally shed) antler that I really can’t stop staring at:

It’s amazing to me to think about these things just growing right out of your (I mean deer, of corse!) head. When I start thinking about it I just have to stop everything I’m doing and wonder……..

I mean, when this antler was shed, what was left (on the head)? A boney spot where no fur grows? Or is it soft and sore? And how long did it take to grow this antler? And does it just fall off one day, or does it get loose (like a tooth)? And how do the cells in the head know where to make the antler grow, and when to shed it? I wonder if it feels good to shed… can antlers get itchy, like dry skin? Trust me, I could go on, but I’ll let you continue wondering on your own.

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One Response to The Bone Room

  1. nicotineandmint says:

    your questions really got me wonderin’! i like thinking that it is like a loose tooth that a big mamma deer ties a string to and yanks off her fawn’s head. Maybe they put it under a mossy knoll before bed and wake up to find an ear of corn or something under it.

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