Decorating Dreams : Jewelry Display at Home

Jewelry storage and display is a constant struggle for me at home. Because I LOVE jewelry and make jewelry, you can imagine the kind of collection that I have amassed. The hard part is storing things in a way where I won’t forget about pieces because I can’t see them, but also not having a heaping pile on the top of my dresser. Here a few inspirational solutions:

Found this beautiful and enchanting brooch display here and I’m totally jealous!

I love these drawers from ikea, and I love love love how they got dressed up by being combined with a lovely legged little table. I imagine this to be the most incredible (and LARGE) jewelry box ever! (This image is credited to this blog, though I couldn’t find the original post…)

I’ve had a set up like this before on my dresser top. Problem: everything gets dusty and tarnished. Solution: put the dishes in a drawer (as pictured above). Problem: you don’t get to look at your little pretties.

A jewelry shadow box like this one is also a very pleasing idea. It would be fun to make little collections out of different pieces of jewelry and create a box that matched the mood of them.

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One Response to Decorating Dreams : Jewelry Display at Home

  1. LK says:

    perce, you should get that ikea jewelry dresser! it would solve so many of your dilemmas!

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