Defense Systems: Inspiration in Nature

A few months ago, Lindsay happened upon some microscope images printed on 8×11″ transparencies, and I was fortunate enough to inherit them. A lot of the images are familiar to me from all the research I did in college, but this one brought a new element into focus for me:

This is labeled as “E. Coli further magnified.” These dagger-like protrusions are at once scary and magnificent. Although I have no idea what these spikes are or what they’re for exactly, it made me think of the element of defense, and armor…

This is the Serpentine Dagger Necklace (available here), inspired by the image above. It wears like a collar style necklace, creating a fringe of stone spikes.

This is one of my 3-D sketches for an earring. I envision a hoop of super dark, oxidized metal with spikes of either gold-filled wire (in the center) or copper (the two shorter pieces).  I’m looking forward to seeing the contrast of the dark hoop with a bright, warm colored metal.  I’m hoping the effect will be a blend of the dangerous beauty I see in the magnified E. Coli.

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