Crafting an Aesthetic

I’ve been having a personal dilemma lately,  specifically with my jewelry making and jewelry style. I desperately want to have a style and a look, or at least a definable aesthetic. Lately I feel like I’ve been getting a closer. I find it really helpful to look at objects and images that are not jewelry to inspire and feed and guide this idea. Here are few things that I’ve been looking at lately:

(the above photos are all found here)

(last three photos from here)


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2 Responses to Crafting an Aesthetic

  1. LK says:

    i don’t think you need a defined style or aesthetic. if you find things you love they’ll work together organically.

    • missps says:

      but the trouble comes when you are finding soooooo many things to love, and you loose relationships between them all. it’s a struggle i guess.

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