Day Dreams of Moss

I’ve been working on some new jewelry pieces inspired by lichen and moss.

One of my favorite things is how you can feel so inspired by something, and in the process of making, you discover a whole new realm of things to be inspired by… For instance, I was so focused on growth on a cellular level, which led me to organisms that exhibited a specific type of behavior (aggressive behavior was most interesting to me), which led me to bacteria and fungus, which led me to lichen, which is where I have been hanging out most recently. And now as I have been creating and processing my lichen-inspired jewelry, I am seeing in it a more moss-like landscape. This brings me back to an idea I had back in college, of treating the body as a landscape. This idea is one that haunted for quite some time, and also inspired the name of my blog. I really hope this didn’t come out like non-sense. I intended to just share some photos and instead had this crazy train of thought. Do you ever get surprised by sudden connections?


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