Jewelry Inspirations and New Creations

I put together a little inspiration board of jewelry that I’m feeling really inspired by:

Spike and Stud

Here a few new pieces I’ve been working on. First, is what I have come to fondly refer to as the Witch Doctor Necklace, which features a 3 dimensional skull and carved wood tooth:

Another new piece is another inverted gem prototype:

I’ve been wearing this earring paired with one of my first inverted gem prototypes:

This is my second pair of mis-matched earrings and I have to say, mis-matched earrings are my new favorite thing. I used to rock the mis-matched pairs durring phases in middle school and college, and I’m really into it again. I have rules about the mis matched pair though. Mostly, that they have to be a pair, which means that they have to balance each other (in some sense). What do you think of mis-matched earrings?


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2 Responses to Jewelry Inspirations and New Creations

  1. andrea says:

    I used to do the same in middle school – I thought I was the coolest. Thumbs up for mismatched earrings.

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