Under water Excavation for Cleopatra

I was reading the National Geographic article on Cleopatra over lunch and am finding myself feeling a little obsessed. I was (naturally) really enchanted by the descriptions of the underwater excavations of Alexandria.

I really love the attitude and demeanor that Cleopatra is described to have had. I also loved this part of the article: “The only signs of Cleopatra the divers have encountered are the empty cigarette packs that bear her name, drifting in the water as they work. ” I love the image this conjures of this bad ass woman taunting divers with her garbage.

As incredible as it would be to find her, the romantic in me hopes she gets to remain in her eternal resting place with her love. I imagine her with a smirk and a cackle at the attempts to uncover her.

(click on images for sources)


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2 Responses to Under water Excavation for Cleopatra

  1. Duncan says:

    I think we chatted briefly at Whole Foods this afternoon about dogs ?

    I like the samples I’ve seen of your jewelry and artistic photo’s. Great photo’s 🙂

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