Memories of My Grandma

When my Grandma Helen passed away, I wished that I had known her better, that I could have spent more time with her, and gotten to know who she was – what she was really like. I had so many memories of her, but they seemed small.  I remember the smell of her house and the feel of her kitchen chairs I would sit at while she and my mother moved around the kitchen, preparing glass jars of home-made zucchini relish, or tins full of chocolate covered peanut butter balls. She helped me pick out a crochet hook and taught me how to crochet. When the 50 States quarters began rolling out, she would collect two of each state for my brother and I.

Grampa Howard, my mother, Gramma Helen

I used to think that my memories were too small or insignificant. That there was so much of her that I never got to know. I realize now though, that these memories are more than just moments, but pieces that are representative of a whole. Pieces of a generous and caring woman who loved to be busy and loved her family.


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  1. this is so beautiful emily!

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