Treasure Island and Beyond

On the final day of my Thanksgiving / four day weekend, my sweetie and I headed over to San Francisco. We stopped at the new(ish) Treasure Island Flea Market and saw a friend selling her amazing jewelry, as well as tons of other vintage and handmade treasures. It was windy, sunny and crisp and felt beautiful. Treasure Island also offers a really lovely view of San Francisco.

We headed to North Beach (the Italian neighborhood) for a bite to eat and then wandered over to the presidio. We stumbled upon a trail and found ourselves here:

The view to the left of the golden gate is where our eyes were fixed. With the sun shining, a haze of fog over the pacific ocean, and sail boats circling below, the view was really moving. It was a moment I didn’t want to end, and a feeling I don’t ever want to forget. It’s a view that makes you remember how small you are, and how amazing the earth is; from the green covered cliffs to the ¬†expansive ocean, and all the creatures swimming around in it. It felt magical. I was kicking myself for not having my camera with me, but there’s something kind of sweet about an experience that you can’t capture in a picture, like a secret, something you can’t really share with anyone, and something you have to trust yourself to remember.

(though the pictures in this post were not taken by me, they are true to where I was and what I saw – click on them for sources).


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One Response to Treasure Island and Beyond

  1. “…and something you have to trust yourself to remember.” poignant, miss percival, poignant.

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