A Rocky Christmas

One of my favorite things to collect are rocks. I have dishes and bottles and jars all over my apartment filled with shells, stones and rocks collected from all over. They serve as reminders of significant events or feelings and I find them fascinating and beautiful, each in they’re own unique way. This christmas I shared a little of this love with some of my favorite people.

I feel in love with this little tiny ceramic box when I found it. In person it really actually looks like a rock, and inside is a bright colorful glass glaze. I thought it was perfect for a dear friend who sees beauty in things that are easily overlooked.

I put this collection of rocks and crystals together for my brother. Inspired by something I found on etsy, I wanted to make a display of rocks that were inspired by my brother, and also for him.  Though it was difficult, I had fun coming up with the words / captions for each specimen.

I really love how this project came out… I think I might make one for myself too.


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One Response to A Rocky Christmas

  1. a rockin’ xmas
    rock around the xmas tree
    rocky and xmas twinkles

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