Birthday Wishes

My birthday is fast approaching and I wanted to share a few items on my wish list:

This book on art journaling is at the top of my list. I have a hard time committing to regular journaling, even though I think it would be good for me. Art journaling seems like something that would be really fulfilling and meditative. Also, I’ve been craving a creative outlet other than jewelry for a while now and this books is full of a lot of ideas and techniques.

My amazon wish list is full of tons of other books, but I’ve also really been wanting an Ernst Heckle book. This one looks good:

Also, I recently received an iPad (!!!) for my 5 year anniversary at my job, and now I need some accessories like these:

A protective case of some sort – not necessarily this one… (this one serves as a stand too!).  Have you seen more cool looking iPad case/covers?

and screen protectors too!

I found this print a while ago and I just love it.  I’d love to create a little grouping of prints and photos with this one in the mix.

Click on any image for sources.

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