Creating a Color Palette

I’ve been feeling really inspired lately and have been exploring a mediums that are a little out of my comfort range. After exploring a new book, I’ve been experimenting with book binding and painting, as well as doing some light organization of photographs and other ideas to put into my new books.

With all kinds of ideas surging and swirling around in my head, deciding how to meld them together has been the greatest challenge. I was really excited to find the Design Seeds blog recently with some great color palette photos:

I found it so enlightening to see the color palettes that were pulled out of these photographs, and gave me lots of ideas on how to integrate my own photos with other color elements.  Check out more of the color palettes here.

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2 Responses to Creating a Color Palette

  1. Love this idea for a post! Sweet pictures 🙂

  2. Robby Cowell says:

    This is a great idea. For some reason I’ve never though of doing this before. Great examples too.

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