Decorating Dreams ::: Couch Pillows

I’ve been dreaming a lot about a new living room. Specifically: bright colors mixed with neutrals. The idea of bringing bright colors into the living room seems totally accessible with couch pillows. I used a painting I plan on purchasing for inspiration:

I love Amber Alexander‘s paintings, and this one has a great color scheme and I love the floral elements in it. Here are some couch pillows I’m loving, inspired by colors in this print:

1: Floral Pillow : Cody and Cooper Designs

2: Red Ikat Pillow : Anita’s Casa 

3: Turquoise Ikat Pillow : also Anita’s Casa

4: Turquoise and Orange Ikak Pillow :  Pop ‘o’ Color

5: Chevron Pillow : also Pop ‘o’ Color

6: Carved Initials Pillow : Lint Hound

I think numbers 5 and 6 would look so great amidst a bright sea of patterns!


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