Inspirational Artist :: Andrew Thomas Huang

The video below, entitled Solipsist, is eerie, magical and haunting. There are 3 seemingly separate stories that all seem to come together by the end in an intense culmination of music and imagery.

SOLIPSIST from Andrew Huang on Vimeo.

I have been personally interested in the creation of hybrid, imaginary creatures, as well as aggressive organisms (be it plant, bacteria, etc). Much of my self directed work in college was centered on designing and cultivating a mass of organisms that would over take a space or the body. I am totally enveloped in the first 2 “story” lines of this video for this reason and feel totally inspired and excited by it.

Check out more of Andrew Thomas Huang’s work here.

What do think of the video? Creepy? Magical? Beautiful?


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3 Responses to Inspirational Artist :: Andrew Thomas Huang

  1. newbyart says:

    I am just now stumbling onto your blog! But it seems we have a lot in common. I am also an artist inspired by the BBC series / sea gooseberries and sea slugs and other oddities of the deep sea. My current body of work is using materials like beeswax, book pages, fabric and wire to create my own versions.
    My husband and I have been watching Frozen Planet this week too – so inspiring!
    And this video is haunting, beautiful and intriguing! Reminds me a little of the fantastic and whimsical sound suits of Nick Cave. 🙂

    • missps says:

      It’s so nice to “meet” you Shannon! Your work and blog are so inspiring. I love the altered books and the Hydra Acutus sculpture is my favorite! I look forward to watching your work progress on your blog. And I definitely think Nick Cave would approve 🙂

      • newbyart says:

        I also look forward to following your blog and seeing what new and imaginative things inspire you! 🙂

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