A few signs of Spring

I feel like I’ve been gone from this space for so long, and so much has happened in that time. This winter has been really difficult. According to other Mainers, this winter has been harder than many recent winters. I would really love if every winter didn’t drag on like this, but I feel pretty proud that I’ve survived all the blizzards so far! Now the snow is melting rapidly, the days are longer, and being outside is starting to seem like a nice idea.

This time of year has a magical kind of feeling. You can feel every living thing begin to change with the season, even before you can see it. It’s in the air and the light. The wind and even the rain feels like is helping make way for the growth that’s coming. I can feel it in myself too.

jewelry studio decorate inspirationMy studio is finally coming together, and it feels so wonderful to have a space that is big enough for me to spread out and make (creative) messes in without running out of space. I also love finding more little spots to display all the little *things* that I love to collect. I have jars upon jars of rocks from various locations, vintage brass figurines, old photos, and an ever growing collection of natural specimens (i.e. sticks, pods, and things covered in lichen). I’m excited to start sharing some of my collections soon.


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One Response to A few signs of Spring

  1. You are making Maine very inviting.

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