Looking for Life in a Cemetery

Now that signs of spring are starting to sprout up everywhere, my favorite thing to do is looking for life in the cemetery. Evergreen Cemetery in Portland, ME is a lovely place to walk and explore, and full of gorgeous scenes.

emily percival mossy cemetery sprouts growingSome people might find the cemetery to be a creepy place, but I find a lot of peace and inspiration there. Evergreen Cemetery is covered in trees and winding roads, lichen and moss (two of my favorite things in nature) grow everywhere, and the sculptural qualities of headstones and monuments are gorgeous.

emily percival moss covered headstone

emily percvial creepy cemetery

Spending time in the cemetery is a great place for me to connect with nature and recharge. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the landscape changes this spring.


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One Response to Looking for Life in a Cemetery

  1. Emily, I love your photos of Evergreen Cemetery. Sometimes I wonder if you are a ghost because you spend do much time there! A friendly one, of course.

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