Jewelry Spotlight :: Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

Jennifer Fisher has a bad ass selection of great jewelry. From bullets and spikes to skulls and spinal columns, there are tons of awesome pieces. Right now though, I’m really into the simple hoops with great silhouettes.

These earrings make a great impact with simple lines and perfect scale. Also, it may not come as a surprise, but this horn earring makes my heart skip a beat:

Check out more great jewelry here.

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Photos in lieu of Words

Lately I’ve been deep in the midst navigating some major changes in my personal life, but I wanted to share a few photos I’ve taken in the last week:

artichokes in the neighborhood

little snail

palm shadows

breakfast out with my love

wall of succulents

sunset at the plaza

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Being an Artist

While busy at work last week, my mind was quickly filling with designs for jewelry, images of future apartment dwelling, home decor and art experiments. As I allowed my mind to wander, I drifted into a deeper, philosophical realm.

photographs “in the sand” taken by me

I sometimes struggle with how much time I spend thinking about things versus how much time I actually spend executing them. I often sit here at my desk, dreaming and designing in my head, pushing bits of metal and stone around, or re-arranging a spread of photos. Many days I never actually “accomplish” or “complete” any thing. My struggle has always been feeling that I should be completing something, that I should have something to show for the time I have invested quietly in my mind or at my desk.

I had a revelation while at work though… not only do I not need to complete something or have something to show for my long stretches of quite thoughts, but also, maybe that’s part of being an artist.

vertebrae jewelry by me

“What does it mean to be  artist?” is, in my opinion, a very obnoxious question. One I often heard in high school art classes, again in art school (college) and in every movie or TV caricature of an artsy type. I honestly never cared to ponder the question too deeply. I mostly trusted that a person would just know they were an artist and they should trust in that. But as I went through a 4 year art program and then moved into the “real” world, it very much felt like you are an artist only if you make things. For me, this mainly took the form of sellable products.

Over the last few years as I grow into an adult woman, self-doubt and self-consciousness have become more common elements in my life and creative process. I have ended up really torturing myself at my studio desk, not making things, wondering if I am creating for myself or some unknown audience.

My revelation is that you don’t have to make things or produce products to be an artist. That can be part of it , for sure. But being an artist for me, is a way of life – it’s a way of seeing things and a way of processing the world around me and my experiences.

It’s felt really liberating to arrive at this idea. I feel so much more free and more accepting of myself and the way I work. What are your  thoughts on being an artist? Does any of this resonate with you?

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Summer Sun

Friday and Saturday were so sunny and hot, it felt like the midst of summer. I enjoyed dinner on a park bench with friends…

linz and juanita share a laugh while frieda runs around

eric being a dare-devil

… my princess Maude enjoyed some sun on the porch…

… it was even summer-y in portland, maine. my mom sent me picture of some new daffodils that sprang up in her yard…

i hope you had a lovely weekend!

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Color in Space

Maybe it’s the arrival of the warmer spring air, the prolonged hours of sun or the flood of new blossoms in the neighborhood. What ever it is, the way these two artists use color is so exciting right now:

Filippo Minelli creates these ephemeral outdoor installations that have a magical feeling.



(see  more here)

The next is Alberto Seveso. Sadly, I can’t tell you much about these images, but they have a similar ephemeral quality. Something is also a little visceral about them, the volume and movement makes them seem like they might be alive…

(more here)

Do you have a favorite?

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Jewelry Spotlight :: Ruth Tomlinson

I’m loving these jewelry designs by Ruth Tomlinson right now. My favorite designs feature encrusted gems and gold that seem to be growing over a pearl or a ring band. I think they’re gorgeous little sculptures, and great studies in texture and the accumulation of smaller parts.

After stumbling upon that Solipsist video and finding these jewels, I’ve been thinking a lot about my thesis work from college and how I might revisit these ideas now…. I’ll keep you posted!

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Inspirational Artist :: Andrew Thomas Huang

The video below, entitled Solipsist, is eerie, magical and haunting. There are 3 seemingly separate stories that all seem to come together by the end in an intense culmination of music and imagery.

SOLIPSIST from Andrew Huang on Vimeo.

I have been personally interested in the creation of hybrid, imaginary creatures, as well as aggressive organisms (be it plant, bacteria, etc). Much of my self directed work in college was centered on designing and cultivating a mass of organisms that would over take a space or the body. I am totally enveloped in the first 2 “story” lines of this video for this reason and feel totally inspired and excited by it.

Check out more of Andrew Thomas Huang’s work here.

What do think of the video? Creepy? Magical? Beautiful?

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