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Looking for Life in a Cemetery

Now that signs of spring are starting to sprout up everywhere, my favorite thing to do is looking for life in the cemetery. Evergreen Cemetery in Portland, ME is a lovely place to walk and explore, and full of gorgeous … Continue reading

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Autumn in Evergreen

Over the weekend I roamed through tombs and headstones at Evergreen Cemetery in Portland. I marveled at the marble monuments, the mementos left at graveside, and moss blankets sprawling over stone surfaces. The rain drizzled and my boots sunk softly … Continue reading

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Jewelry Explorations : The Lichen Collection is growing

I’ve been working really hard lately on some of my lichen inspired jewelry pieces, and recently finished another necklace and a pair of earrings: I’m pretty pleased with it and really like the color palette a lot. It’s been another … Continue reading

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New Jewelry Creations

I’m really excited about the current collection of jewelry I’ve been working on. Here is the first completed new piece from my lichen collection: I’m really excited about building volume with my little “lichen sprouts” and filling things out with … Continue reading

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There’s something you should know…

One important fact about me is that I love lichen. It’s one of my most favorite things in the natural world. I find it incredible in all it’s forms and colors. There is just something magical about it’s (typically) tiny … Continue reading

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